Hadi Ismail 1

Hadi Ismail

Chief Sales Officer

Hadi Ismail is Taqeef’s Chief Sales Officer, reporting to CEO Tariq Al Ghussein. He is responsible for Taqeef’s cross-functional sales including retail, professional, mega projects and energy solutions, managing a large team across multiple sales channels.

His remit includes a strategic focus on delivering a programme of evolutionary redesign to reflect the company’s growth and market development, with a mandate to further expand Taqeef’s data driven analysis, governance, and customer relationship management (CRM) processes in line with the company’s ambitious performance targets.

He also heads up Taqeef’s key environmental initiatives to deliver cleaner and greener cooling solutions. This includes the HVAC industry’s first in-house Energy Solutions Division in the region, with a mandate to deliver government targets for significant energy efficiency improvements in the UAE. The Energy Solutions team work with public and private sector partners to deliver cost and energy savings and deliver turnkey upgrades and retrofits to outdated and inefficient cooling systems. Hadi is also responsible for managing the sales of Taqeef’s mega-projects, including industry-leading water cooled centrifugal chillers for district cooling and private markets.

Hadi joined Taqeef in August 2016, bringing with him a wealth of leadership experience from throughout the region. He has held several senior technical positions in Dubai, predominantly in the real estate development industry, and has worked on many of the UAEs most iconic buildings.

Hadi holds a BEng in Electrical Engineering from the American University of Beirut.