Luay Ghussein 1

Luay Ghussein

Sr. Director - Engineering

Luay Ghussein is Taqeef’s Senior Director of Engineering, reporting to CEO Tariq Al Ghussein.

He is responsible for leading Taqeef’s product design, application and regulatory compliance capabilities. This includes developing innovative solutions in VRF, centrifugal chiller and direct expansion technology, while also overseeing the company’s market-leading test and certification provision. He is also the main interface between suppliers and engineering, sales and service functions, and promotes technical best practice through product research, departmental training and knowledge-share.

Luay first joined Taqeef in 2003, working with the company for two years before returning in 2010 as Head of Engineering. During this break, he spent five years working on the development of air conditioning systems for the automotive industry where his clients included Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Renault. He was also responsible for a number of patented inventions. He has extensive technical and HVAC experience, beginning his career in academia, before moving into research and development, where he held a number of key positions in prominent European businesses.

Luay holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Stuttgart