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Did You Know? 1

Here’s some cooling related facts: Did you know…

  • The highest temperature ever recorded in the UAE was 52.1 degrees Celsius (in July 2002).
  • The first ever AC unit designed for desert conditions was produced by Fujitsu General and brought to the middle east by Taqeef in 1972.
  • You can reduce your energy bills by up to 70% by upgrading to a more eco-friendly AC system. Ask our team for more information on how to save money and the environment!
  • Set your AC to 24 degrees. For every one degree you lower it, you’ll be adding 10% more to your electricity bill.
  • High efficiency ratings mean lower bills. Every extra star your AC has is equal to a 15% saving on your monthly bill. Ask our team for details.
  • Taqeef has sold more than 5 million AC units in the UAE alone.
  • Proper maintenance of your AC system is essential if you want it to work efficiently. Speak to our team about the best ways to do this.