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What is CoolCare?

  • The CoolCare Protection Plan is Taqeef’s 5 year warranty for Window and Split units sold through Taqeef’s dealer network, via authorised online retailers and on Taqeef’s website and through our showroom network.


What does CoolCare cover?

  • CoolCare covers any labour and spare parts required in the case of a product malfunction.


What is not covered by CoolCare?

  • CoolCare covers product malfunctions for five years from the date of purchase. This is conditional on professional installation by qualified A/C installers and regular maintenance and cleaning of the product (as per manufacturer’s instructions). In the event of a malfunction caused by poor maintenance, time and labour will be charged for the required repair activity.


Who is authorised to repair my products?

  • Taqeef technicians are authorised to provide free labour and spare parts under the CoolCare coverage. We will not compensate for any cost incurred by engaging any other party.


How much does CoolCare cost?

  • CoolCare comes free with the purchase of a Taqeef supplied Window or Split AC product through Taqeef’s dealer network, via authorised online retailers, on the Taqeef web shop and through our showroom network.


How do I get CoolCare for my products?

  • CoolCare registration is done via WhatsApp by using a QR code. This is displayed in-store at the point of purchase and on a CoolCare information card which is given to you when your unit is delivered. You can also follow this link for a step by step guide and to view the CoolCare registration video. You will need to register your product within three months of purchase.


What if I don’t register within the first three months of product purchase?

  • If you fail to register your product for CoolCare coverage within three months of purchase, the standard 12 month warranty will apply.


Why do I have to register for CoolCare?

  • The registration of your product purchase is required for auditing and planning purposes and to facilitate service and stocking requirements for the extended coverage period of five years.


What should I do in the case of a product breakdown?

  • If your product fails to function properly, please contact the Taqeef call centre at 800TAQEEF to create a service request. Your CoolCare profile will be linked to the mobile number used during the WhatsApp registration.


I have older Taqeef supplied products installed at my home – does CoolCare cover those products, too?

  • CoolCare is only currently available for products bought on or after March 1st, 2019.


How do I clean and maintain my AC as per the manufacturer instructions?

  • We believe in the quality of all the products we sell, and that’s why all our residential ACs come with CoolCare – our free 5 year parts and labour warranty.
  • However, please note, that defects related to wear and tear are not included in the warranty, so it’s important you maintain your AC with regular cleaning and preventative maintenance. To understand the best way to look after your AC, please click on the links below, or you can call 800TAQEEF for information on our Preventative Maintenance Package.