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Retrofitting old energy inefficient buildings with a new generation of cooling technology offers huge savings. Savings of over 50% in energy consumption, electricity bills and emissions. And, as air conditioning systems in the region contribute to up to 70% of the total energy usage and operation costs of a building, the impact of responsible retrofitting is enormous. It’s good news for our clients’ carbon footprint and their costs too.

In 2016 we created Taqeef Retrofit – the region’s first in-house dedicated retrofitting department with a focus on all five cooling technologies: water and air cooled chillers, variant refrigerant flow (VRF), ducted and split units. Our highly qualified team – including ESCO accredited certified energy managers and LEED green associates – are the best in the business and manage the full spectrum of services from energy and design audit, to measurement, verification, and LEED certification support.

We’re currently working with government, commercial and residential entities to achieve aggressive reductions in energy consumption throughout the region. The results of our efforts really do speak for themselves. Please take a look at our case studies.

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