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BOXPARK is a distinctive retail and hospitality destination set in the heart of Jumeirah on Al Wasl Road. Inspired by urban renewal projects, the 1.2 km development is made up of a collection of warehouse containers, with industrial design and architecture featuring strongly throughout facilities, fixtures and open spaces. The development features 44 niche, high-end, retail, leisure and entertainment brands. It is also a go-to space for artists and creatives.


Maintaining the distinctive urban look and feel of the high-end spaces was of paramount importance to the developers. Air conditioning noise levels would need to be undetectable by visitors. Unit placement would also need to be discreet and unobtrusive. This meant that despite the ‘box’ design of the retail spaces, the cooling units would need to be concealed – a considerable design difficultly given the flat roof structure of the containers. In addition, the location assigned for the outdoor units was tight and had limited airflow flexibility.


Taqeef used CFD simulation to find a design solution which ensured equipment size, layout, airflow calculation, ventilation, acoustic study and environmental impact offered the best fit for the brief. This helped us create a simple fix; use a VRF system (instead of the planned split unit design) and counter the air circulation issue by raising the outdoor units onto a 50cm platform to prevent the compressor tripping.

Taqeef designed and installed the VRF system in a ‘mock-up’ container. The result showed a significant saving on service area space, undetectable noise levels and visual impact, reduced power consumption and lower service costs.

Taqeef was commissioned to undertake the full A/C design, supply and after-sales for this prestigious project, creating the first cooled container building in the UAE.

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