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HVAC POWER 25 : The Most Influential HVAC companies

HVAC POWER 25 : The Most Influential HVAC companies


UAE-based air conditioning solutions provider Taqeef – considered the originator of desert cooling systems in the nation – has served the country’s evolving cooling needs with world-class technology, innovation, and service since 1972, and touts exclusive partnerships in the UAE with Fujitsu General and Midea.

In 2020, Taqeef worked on a number of high-profile projects, but stood-out for its adoption of new technologies. From VRF with occupancy sensors in labour camps, to water-cooled centrifugal chillers plants for government projects, the firm has seen a number of energy-efficient projects being implemented.

In addition, some of its main projects include replacing traditional AC systems with high efficiency DX systems in more than 200 villas for Dubai International Real Estate; providing the Marina Harbour with VRF systems; and providing air-cooled chillers for a number of community spaces – including retail spaces and educational establishments.

Taqeef also launched the UAE’s first and only e-commerce site dedicated to air conditioners. The firm equipped the platform with digital tools, including an AC tonnage calculator, and offered free next-day delivery, free 5-year warranties, digital registrations, installation, and sanitation as standard.

In 2020, Taqeef also launched initiatives to further support partners with business continuity: CoolClub, the UAE’s most profitable rewards programme for independent AC dealers, and CoolProtect, the first AC annual maintenance programme in the region for Taqeef’s trained and qualified AC practitioners.

The CEO of Taqeef, Tariq Al Ghussein, said: “It’s often in times of disruption that we witness the best ideas, the best advancements and the best in people.

“For Taqeef, that’s certainly been the case in 2020. Against a backdrop of turmoil and uncertainty we adapted to a new normal and innovated our way through it.

“We improved and developed as a business, expanded our reach with the launch of the first online AC retail shop in the region and digitised our business to connect more than ever with our customers and with each other. I am proud that against a backdrop of turmoil.