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Midea launches technologically advanced AC in the Middle East

Midea launches technologically advanced AC in the Middle East

A technologically advanced commercial air-conditioning (CAC) cooling solution by Midea has launched into the region, offered by the Middle East’s air conditioning solutions provider Taqeef.

The water cooled centrifugal chiller is based on the latest Midea patented technology to guarantee the highest energy efficiency and fill a gap for larger chiller installations in the district cooling space.

The 3,000 tonne chiller is an product extension of the Midea MC series, which has been in the market running efficiently for five years in one of the largest malls in Abu Dhabi, Dalma Mall. An efficiency comparison done between Dalma Mall and an area run by the same energy operator in the capital revealed energy savings of over 15% for the mall in 2016.

With a series counter-flow arrangement, the water cooled centrifugal chiller provides the advantage of having a compact size and can reach a capacity of 6,000 tonnes, without the need for extra components such as piping, valves and pumps, resulting in less space required for the unit, and lower installation costs.