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Taqeef brings Midea’s ‘Ultimate Comfort’ AC series to the UAE

Taqeef brings Midea’s ‘Ultimate Comfort’ AC series to the UAE

The latest ‘Ultimate Comfort’ air conditioner (AC) series by Midea is now available in the UAE, bringing a new standard of cooling to the market. The series features Midea’s latest innovations in the AC space, ensuring the even distribution of cold and clean air inside a room while producing almost no noise.

The series features the Midea ‘Inverter QuattroTechnology’ which is a high-frequency compressor that generates a strong flow of cool air within a matter of seconds. The AC’s optimised air outlet design enlarges the airflow angle by 110° together with a faster turbo fan speed, delivering a long-distance windblast of up to 25 meters. The Silky Cool feature, one of the key functions of the Ultimate Comfort utilises the innovative Coanda technology which guarantees an even distribution of cool air in a room by directing airflow up towards the ceiling. The air then evenly descends around the room, avoiding a direct blast of air on the body for the highest level of comfort. An integrated Wind Sprayer allows thousands of mini holes to transform centralised airflow into a gentle breeze for a more comfortable cooling experience.

“Our focus has always been to provide our customers with the latest AC technology to cope with the extreme climate in the UAE. Midea’s Ultimate Comfort Series is a fantastic addition to our product portfolio as it brings an innovative, high-quality and comfortable cooling solution to a market where cooling is considered a life essential,” commented Tariq Al Ghussein, CEO of Taqeef.

The Ultimate Comfort series also features ‘Innovated Air Magic’ which is an advanced sterilisation technology. Ions that kill harmful bacteria in the air are released while the AC is on. Dual filters in the ACs capture micro dust, and a self-cleaning feature keeps the unit free from molds and bacteria, making the AC units highly durable.

“Maintaining thermal comfort is one of the most important goals of AC, and this is now more significant than ever as we are spending more time indoors. Innovations in the sector have made it possible to ensure the highest indoor air quality, while also providing end-users with the ability to easily control temperature and humidity levels through a smartphone, adding a new layer of comfort and convenience to AC usage,” added Ghussein.

The Ultimate Comfort series is exclusively retailed by Taqeef, leading AC and cooling solutions provider, in the UAE and can be found at all Taqeef retailers, including Carrefour, Emax, Lulu and the Taqeef online shop. To find out more about the Ultimate Comfort Series and Midea’s latest products, visit