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Taqeef launches Fujitsu General’s VRF AirstageV-III tropical series

Taqeef launches Fujitsu General’s VRF AirstageV-III tropical series

Taqeef launches Fujitsu General’s VRF AirstageV-III tropical series

Dubai, UAE: Claiming to offer several advantages over the conventional HVAC system, such as high performance, minimised energy loss, design flexibility, easy installation and centralised maintenance, Taqeef has announced launching the VRF AirstageV-III tropical series from Fujitsu General.

The series, the announcement said, not only complies with the latest Green Building regulations for EER but is also tailored specifically to the Middle East region’s harsh climate.

Listing some of the features of the series, which runs on the refrigerant, R-410A, the company informed that the Airstage V-III tropical model offers an extended line-up of outdoor units, ranging from small systems of 8 HP for limited residential and commercial spaces, to large systems of 54 HP for cooling large building areas; and with the flexibility to assemble in 39 system combinations, the series can connect up to 55 indoor units, which can be selected from 12 types and 84 models.

Design capabilities, the company said, allow a total pipe length of up to 1,000 metres and an actual pipe length (length between the outdoor unit to the farthest indoor unit) of up to 165 metres. Outdoor units, the company added, can be installed in open areas or in an indoor room with open-ducting facility, thereby saving valuable building space.

Fujitsu General’s Intelligent Web Monitoring tool, the company said, also provides centralised monitoring and maintenance capabilities with a graphical interface displaying the operational status of different components within the V-III system.

Speaking at the product launch, Tariq Al Ghussein, CEO of Taqeef, said, “We are confident that the VRF system line-up will exceed regional customer expectations by providing important competitive advantages, such as energy efficiency, design flexibility and high reliability, resulting in a clear, comparable return on investment while being compliant with UAE’s ESMA and QCC regulations.”

Al Ghussein informed that a training and development centre had been built to run a rolling programme of VRF product, technology and servicing training.

“This model,” Esturo Saito, President of Fujitsu General Limited, said, “was designed to endure the Middle East’s severe climate challenges, and established our position as a trusted brand and the preferred choice in the Middle East’s air conditioning market. With the V-III tropical series, we look forward to answering the cost-saving and reliability needs of the commercial sector and we have adapted some of our special specs, especially for the region.”