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Taqeef launches new Fujitsu AC models

Taqeef launches new Fujitsu AC models

Taqeef, a regional leader in air-conditioning solutions, has partnered with Fujitsu General to launch the variable refrigerant flow (VRF) V-III tropical series in Dubai, UAE.

VRF is a revolutionary refrigerant-based technology that effectively air conditions a wide variety of spaces from large buildings to personal residences.

The latest in VRF technology from Fujitsu General, the V-III tropical series, offers several advantages over the conventional HVAC system, such as high performance, minimised energy loss, design flexibility, easy installation and centralised maintenance, said a statement from Taqeef.

Fujitsu General is also well known for its knowledge and understanding of the regional climate and environment. They are the first and only manufacturer to introduce a full portfolio of products, which not only comply with the latest Green building regulations for EER and environmentally-friendly refrigerant (R410A), but are also tailored specifically to our region’s harsh climate.

Focused on providing either high performance combinations or space saving ones, the Air stage V-III Tropical Model offers an extended line up of outdoor units, ranging from small systems of 8HP for limited residential and commercial spaces, to large systems of 54 HP for cooling large building areas.

With the flexibility to assemble in 39 system combinations, the V-III series can connect up to 55 indoor units, which can be selected from 12 types and 84 models.